Saturday, June 18, 2011

Passion in All Things

Passion in All Things

I am a passionate person, probably by nature, and environment. And so welcome to a blog that will be about many passions. Here you will read about some of my friends, my art, and why it is so important to me. You will read about hopelessness, addiction, mental illness, and why suicides happen. You will hear about a heart that is broken by this world almost every day. And yet you will hear about HOPE. You will hear a lot about hope, and even why that was the very first word tattooed on my wrist. You will hear family history, truth, and how to break the cycle of abuse with education and therapy.

Yes, you will hear about science. It is one of my passions. But it will not be boring. It will be about new discoveries. It will be challenging, and yes, both fundamentalist Christians and atheists alike. Too bad for both camps!

You will hear about a lot of Outsider artists, what Outsider art is, why I think it is the truest art, its history, my favorite artists that I want you to "friend" on facebook, my favorite Outsider gallery owner, etc.

You are going to hear a lot about silence, solitude, being in nature, turning off noise, escaping in healthy ways, and that I think Americans need this so much, and why they fail at it so badly.

You will hear about some family traditions that I have started. I had to create my own family from scratch. I did "o.k." I wasn't the greatest mom, but I think it is a process. By the time I am dead, I'll probably be a great mom! I think you will want to steal some of my traditions, and I hope you do.

Of course, you are going to hear a lot about photography. I have been shooting photography since I can't remember when. I know I had a Brownie?? so however long ago that was. Now I've moved up in the world to a wonderful Canon EOS 7D, and have some lenses I don't know how I lived without. I will, without a doubt, try to get you to become a Lensbaby fanatic, as am I!

I will talk in great depth about faith, doubt, loss, living in darkness and the desert, and if it is possible to find your way out.

And you need to know that I tend toward acceptance and tolerance, while adhering to personal ethics that I believe in. You will hear about that too.

You will also hear about prejudice. This is something I don't understand. And despise with all my heart.

And, of course, there will be many, many book reviews. And trust me, I know books. If I say, "Read it because...", and it resonates with you, then you probably should.

This will be an eclectic site. Well, I have eclectic tastes, my house has eclectic design, and I would probably be described by those who know me as rather eclectic. Or as one friend calls me, in good fun, "Mars."

I hope you enjoy!

Intense Blue